Dr Victoria Kisyombe is an inspiration to women around the world. By founding and continuing to grow SELFINA she has changed the lives of thousands of women and youth across Africa. Her leadership and sense of purpose is an inspiration to me and I am proud to call her a partner in the cause of women empowerment and friend.
— Titi Cole. Executive Vice President. Wells Fargo & Company, USA.
Through this energy, Dr. Victoria Kisyombe has created a virtuous cycle of empowerment and opportunity for Tanzanian women. I’m proud to work for SELFINA because I am a woman. Dr. Victoria is a woman, and we’re helping women.
— Margaret Ligate, SELFINA area manager.
Excellent perspective, beautiful Tanzanian women who utilize Micro Leasing to create better lives for themselves and their families. Need more Micro Finance Institutions like SELFINA and Dr. Victoria Kisyombe
— Claude Pierre - Consultant from NY, USA.
In Tanzania and the rest of Africa, women don’t inherit wealth. Men are the ones who own land, and the key collateral in this country is land.
The secret behind SELFINA is having Dr. Victoria Kisyombe as its Founder and also its Managing Director
— Edward Kessy, senior investment facilitation manager with the Tanzania National Economic Empowerment Council.
Dr. Kisyombe is a very courageous woman. Whatever she is determined to do, she will do and in a perfect way!
— Rev. Ernest Kadiva, Deputy General Secretary, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania, Eastern and Coastal Diocese.
Love is the core energy that rules everything ... love is the one ingredient that holds us all together.
— John E. Fetzer, Founder