Neema Muyenjwa Kipeja owns the Unique Nursery and Primary School in the Temeke District of Dar es Salaam. According to Neema, the Unique Nursery and Primary School “is designed to build pupils’ basic capacity to respond to future educational needs domestically and internationally. The school syllabus prepares the pupils to tackle both linguistic and numerical problems through coaching and guidance by internationally acceptable teaching staff.” Ultimately, Neema used three consecutive SELFINA loans to construct the school, build desks, and add the finishing touches to the school building.

The school has been an incredible success. In 2006, the school only had six students but by 2011 the school hosted over 150 students. The school was also able to hire eleven teachers and nine non-teaching staff, creating 20 new jobs in total. or women entrepreneurs, improve employment indicators, and support social missions, such as advancing high-quality education services in Tanzania. Neema’s success story is just one example of how SELFINA loans can create a sustainable income. For a more detailed description of Neema Muyenjwa’s successes, including many pictures of the Unique Nursery and Primary school, click here.