Alphoncina Massawe started her small tailoring business in 2006 with a small amount of capital and a few sewing machines. In addition to tailoring, she engaged herself in the printing of batiks for a period of three years. In 2010, Alphoncina met a woman named Stella who explained to her what the benefits of obtaining a business loan were, and how she could use such a loan to improve her business. Following this discussion, Alphoncina took action and approached SELFINA. There, she received business training to improve her entrepreneurial skill and was given a business loan. She used this loan to purchase more modern sewing machines. Her loan from SELFINA ultimately enabled her to start a new business, namely one of selling drinking water as a wholesale business. She also managed to officially register her company under the name of Katonda Abeela Traders Company. With the help of SELFINA, Alphoncina was successfully able to grow her businesses. Yet despite all of the successes, there are still number of challenges that face Alphoncina in her business life. One of the most prominent challenges she faces is the lack of faithful employees to engage in her business. Alphoncina is grateful to SELFINA for all the help provided and sincerely hopes that they will continue providing business training and further financial support with simple terms (particularly for long-term clients).